Our Sectors Of Intervention

In choosing its programs, Give a Hand favors projects that will have a significant and lasting impact on the most vulnerable populations.

Each year, financial support from a few donors helps cover operating costs and allows us to guarantee that 100% of the contributions received go towards projects we support throughout the world. All members of our team are volunteers and they all play a key role in helping us achieve our goals in all our intervention areas. They are the heart and soul of the mission we set ourselves at Give a Hand.

— Asia —

50 projects

— Africa —

30 projects

— Latin America —

25 projects

Our approach

Each year, Give a Hand chooses organizations that do not directly have access to funding from large institutional donors. Each of these organizations is led by passionate people, deeply committed to their humanitarian action and they distinguish themselves by their integrity.

In collaboration with these partners, Give a Hand identifies for you, projects that can make a large impact on the lives of vulnerable women and children. Each project is conceived to allow for a direct link between your contribution and the positive change in the lives of the women and children they are aimed at. In all contexts, our projects are based on principles of equity. Along with our partners, we are committed to provide women, children and the most marginalized with essential resources like education, skills development for economic support, and other programs to help them reach their full potential and remove themselves from the poverty cycle.

Investing in girls and women empowerment is giving them the opportunity to contribute to their community development.

Supporting girls and women by giving them access to useful training and skills to prepare them for the labour market, thus enabling them to break the cycle of exclusion and fully participate in their society.

The environment and climate change, it is everybody’s business.

Give a Hand encourages local and citizen initiatives that allow projects to be carried out to combat climate change, the creation of permaculture and organic gardens, and local recycling. We encourage organizations to implement projects that promote better environmental practices.

Art, as a lever for transformation and social inclusion, inspire us.

To harness the power of the arts, we support projects that enable communities to cast a critical eye at a range of issues and use the arts as a means of sharing and discussion. Art can therefore serve as a catalyst for problem-solving and contribute to citizen engagement.