Who we are

Reach out and show solidarity !

Give a Hand is the link between men and women of passion who dedicate their lives to restore hope and dignity for the poorest in the world and you, men and women of compassion who want to reach out and support them in their actions.

Serving others is not just about giving. It is about listening, hearing, understanding, and helping others. Giving a voice to those who do not have one is what drives me within Give a Hand

— Daniel Lalande, Founder-President

Giving is a heart matter!

A project first emerges from a human contact which touches us. We are always looking for those passionate beings who move and inspire us. Men and women who have often made unconventional life choices in order to reach out to others. They have given up stimulating jobs or left their country to invest their time in charitable sectors, helping those in need from Africa, Asia or Latin America.
Once the magic has been randomly set up, our established administrative processes are set in motion to ensure that our partners meet our criteria in terms of governance, transparency, implementation capacity, sustainability, and healthy management.

Subsequently, Give a Hand is able to meet with donors in order to understand what drives them. This step also validates a series of important elements for us: intervention sector, country, and target group so we better understand what type of project would be susceptible to engage them.

Our priority areas of intervention are women’s empowerment, the environment and art for social change. We stay attuned to the needs of our donors and partners, and our goal is to be this privileged link between both in order to change the world. However, if a donor’s request comes for a completely different area of intervention, we will be happy to work together to offer health, education, or infrastructure development projects as we have done in the past.

So, join us and let’s change the world together!

Sectors of intervention

Women’s Empowerment

Environment Protection and Climate change

Art for Social Change

Our organization is based on values built around a vision of compassion and sharing to support and help those who need it most, those who live in precarious situations around the world. Solidarity, respect, tolerance, generosity, environment, and knowledge development are at the heart of our actions with each of our field partners selected in Africa, Latin America and Asia. All the projects selected and developed with our field partners must have a tangible impact and make a difference with the women, youth, and children of these communities.

Development and Growth

According to the established strategic plan, we apply a development and growth approach that allows us to continue to grow on a human scale.