Antsirabe — Madagascar

Eco-gardening in Madagascar (phase 1)

Food support program and awareness of permaculture’s benefits

Beneficiaries — 100 children

Thanks to the support of Monde par la main/ Give a Hand, about 100 children of the temporary accommodation center for street children in Antsirabe will benefit from a training program on organic fruits and vegetables growing to discover the benefits of permaculture. Through this program, children will be trained, and will be made aware of organic farming techniques while it contributes to a healthy diet for them in their accommodation center. This program also promotes the food and financial self-sufficiency of the protection program  developed by Grandir Ailleurs for street children.

Partnership between Give a Hand and Grandir Ailleurs in Antsirabe

Since 2017, Monde par la Main/ Give a Hand support the Grandir Ailleurs organization in Antsirabe, Madagascar. The first project we supported with the organization aimed to offer a music program as well as comic creation workshops to enable the youth at the temporary accommodation center to tell their stories. We are delighted to continue our partnership with Grandir Ailleurs and by that to support the cause of the street children in Madagascar.

Grandir Ailleurs is above all a collective success. Thanks to the quality of investment and work of the people.. On your own, you can't get anywhere in life. We above all, committed to responding to a real need identified by local civil society of Madagascar.

— M. Jean Christophe Naal, Founder

Founder and director of the Fédération Grandira, Mr. Jean Christophe Naal and his wife Sapho Naal, have observed that tourism can be a wonderful development tool for a series of projects aimed at defending the fundamental rights of street children in Madagascar. In 2007, began the very first field project in Antsirabe. This will be the beginning of this beautiful adventure, which has been going on for thirteen years. The organization Grandir Ailleurs is now supervised by Ms. Laurie Andriamanarivo, project coordinator based in Antsirabe.

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