Cotabato — Philippines

Yellow boats for education

Construction of 25 boats for the children of Cotabato, Philippines to access school

Area — Special projects

Beneficiaries — 250 children

The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation provides school boats to help struggling children to get safely to school. To allow children to go to school without having to swim in difficult and dangerous areas, the yellow boats became over the years a symbol of hope for these children and their parents living in the Philippines archipelago.

Thanks to the support of Monde par la main/ Give a Hand, 25 new yellow boats will be launched in the Cotabato region. About 250 children will in consequence have access to school thanks to these new boats and won’t have to swim in difficult and dangerous areas to access school.

Partnership between Give a Hand and Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation

We initiated our first partnership in 2019 with the Yellow Boat of Hope organization in the Philippines and are proud of all initiatives conducted by this dynamic team.

We give hope by taking care of others. It changes us as much as it changes their lives.

— Dr. Anton Lim- director

Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation

The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation was founded by a group of visionary young entrepreneurs from the Philippines with the hope of giving access to school to thousands of children. Since 2011, more than 4,000 yellow boats were constructed for the benefit of thousands of children in 130 communities of the archipelago. This organization is run by passionate leaders, Dr. Anton Lim and Jay Jaboneta, who are a part of a committed and inspired team.

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