New Delhi — India

Towards the light – four murals for the children of Mumbai

Artistic workshops to raise awareness on current issues

Beneficiaries — 100 or more children

This project with Slam Out Loud, aims to raise awareness among four communities on issues of social inclusion, gender equality, self-esteem, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, mental health issues and the importance of nature and the environment. Through artistic mediums such as poetry, writing, drama, murals and others, participants will be able to create, with the help of professional artist-facilitators, inspiring works for their communities.

This project will create murals with over 100 children in four communities in Mumbai on a variety of themes such as gender equality, self-esteem, mental health issues and others. Professional artists will conduct workshops with children in these communities over the course of a year, thus making it possible to address a series on issues that are too often neglected.

Partnership Give a Hand and Slam Out Loud, New Delhi, India

This first partnership with Slam Out Loud comes after we as an organization have carried out similar social art projects in the slum communities of New Delhi and Mumbai in India. We are pleased to support these initiatives that promote culture and social inclusion through various art mediums which we consider to be powerful tools for transformation.

Every child deserves the chance to express themselves through art in all its forms.

— Ms Jigyasa Labroo

Slam Out Loud

Slam out Loud is an organisation that uses art forms such as poetry, drama, storytelling, and visual arts to develop creative confidence skills among disadvantaged children in the slums of New Delhi and Mumbai. Over a five-year period, professional artists conduct a program of art techniques and their use in an academic context to awaken children. The same program is also used to train other teacher-facilitators who can then take Slam Out Loud programs to more schools across New Delhi and Mumbai. Ms. Jigyasa Labroo and her colleague Mr. Gaurav Singh are leading this innovative organisation.

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