Maputo — Mozambique

Sustainable entrepreneurship program in Mozambique

Waste management and entrepreneurship

Beneficiaries — 100 women

As a continuation of the program to develop the recycling network of “Eco points”, 100 women from the capital Maputo, working in the informal waste collection sector, will receive training in the management of these “Eco-points” in order to make them competitive and ensure them a stable income. The training provided by AMOR aims at learning knowledge related to waste management and recycling as well as capacity building in micro-entrepreneurship for women living in a very vulnerable situation due to their HIV status

Partnership Give a Hand and AMOR in Maputo, Mozambique

Further to conducting for years program linked to recycling, upcycling, and waste management within many communities and schools, AMOR is proposing a project to Give a Hand that aims at supporting local women and professionalizing this sector of waste management.  

AMOR is actively involved in promoting recycling, fighting poverty, and creating concrete solutions.

— Stéphane Temperman, director
program to develop the recycling network


Associacao Mozambicana de Reciclagem (AMOR) was born in 2009, created by environmentalists and international recycling specialists, to promote and organize a social recycling of solid waste throughout the country. Stephane Temperman is the founder- director of this organization and still managing the day to day of a series of inspiring projects with AMOR.

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