New Delhi — India

Stitching for change

Support for sewing training program, maintenance and equipment purchase

Beneficiaries — 60 women

Since 2008, the community of Pappankalan, in West Delhi, India, does provide to women of this community, classes linked to skills development such as sewing, advanced sewing, knitting and arts and crafts. This program is of major importance in this community as many women work in the manufacturing sector and offers services within their own community. Financial support provided for this project will be applied for purchasing basic raw material for sewing, maintenance for the sewing machines and for social activities for the women participants.

This project will provide for the women participants, means for a better livelihood, linked to the development of new skills or more advanced skills in sewing, advanced sewing, ( in connection with the Singer Sewing Machines business) knitting, jute bag making and arts and crafts. Within these communities the access to the job market is difficult and the women often go through discrimination or violence. For these reasons and more, Give a Hand is proud to support a program which is important for the women of these migrant families living in precarious environment. Once the sewing program is completed, the women receive a certificate from the Singer Sewing Machines trainers and get assisted with their job searches in local manufactures.

Partnership between Give a Hand and Vidya NGO

The Vidya NGO was founded over 30 years ago in New Delhi, by Mrs. Rashmi Misra who is still passionately leading the organization today. Since there foundation, Vidya has expanded in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune. The organization does offer various training programs and support children, teenagers, and women. In 2009, the organization founded the Vidya School in Gurgaon which provides access to a quality education for 1,100 children of low-income communities in around this area of New Delhi. Give a Hand has been involved in many projects for Pappankalan since 2007, by the implication of it’s founder Daniel Lalande, who has supported this community over the years by initiating stimulating projects such as the Lotus Club ( after-school program) and the Shanti Arts in Action ( mural project) in 2019. 

Empower, Educate and Transform, that is our motto

— Mrs Rashmi Misra- Founder- Director


In 1985, Mrs. Rashmi Misra, teaches five little girls on her balcony in New Delhi, the importance of going to school and getting an education for their future. That is the spark for creating Vidya. Since then, the organization has led more than 78 projects in the cities of Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Mumbai in India with the hope of becoming the spearhead in transforming the lives of thousands of women, teenagers, and children. Vidya dreams of seeing India provide quality education for all children and social and economic independence for all women. Since its foundation, Vidya has touched the lives of more than three million people, more than half of whom are young girls.

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