Kabale — Uganda

Vocational programs for Ugandan women

Developping new skills to provide financial stability

Beneficiaries — 200 women living in the region of the Kabale district in Uganda

Partnership between Give a Hand and Edirisa UK:

One of Edirisa UK’s many projects focuses on supporting women’s groups in communities of the Kabale district. Give a Hand partnered with Edirisa UK in 2012 and since then has continued to support a variety of different projects that have had an important impact on the communities they support.

The most recent Give a Hand project has been funding training workshops that cover business skills, sewing, hairdressing, knitting, traditional basketry, beadwork and weaving. These skills development initiatives offer long term and sustainable income opportunities for the women.

Sustainable development is at the heart of Edirisa’s actions.

— Sheila Windridge

Edirisa UK

Sheila Windridge founded Edirisa UK in 2005 with a desire to help the community around Lake Bunyonyi. Since then they have been delivering life-changing projects and grown to encompass diverse community development initiatives spanning education, clean water, health care and ethnic crafts. A key focus is sustainability and income generation.


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