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Improving the quality of services at the Fifaliana School in Madagascar

Inclusion, development and support for all Malagasy children

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Beneficiaries — 160 children

In 2021, the organization Scolarisation Madagascar built the Fifaliana school in Andraikiba and welcomed 160 children from kindergarten to 4th grade (CM2). This free school is offered exclusively to children from disadvantaged backgrounds who have never attended school or who have dropped out. The project, in partnership with Give a Hand, allows for the structural needs of the school to be met, including the construction of a courtyard to shelter from the sun and the addition of a multi-purpose room that will include a small library, recreational games and a space dedicated to all kinds of adapted physical activities such as sensory discovery, fine motor skills, psychomotricity, teaching of Braille, sign language, massage and relaxation. The project also provides for the purchase of school and recreational books, specific materials for the inclusion of disabilities, computer materials and equipment for the sports club.

In addition, the organization is strengthening the capacities of its teaching staff by providing training in areas such as: teaching techniques, care and inclusion of disabilities, and child protection. A life assistant for deaf and hard of hearing children has also been recruited. Finally, the children at the school have access to a balanced meal every day. This is part of the mission of Scolarisation Madagascar to fight against chronic malnutrition in Madagascar.

Give a Hand and Scolarisation Madagascar Partnership

In 2022, Give a Hand set up a first partnership with Scolarisation Madagascar for the construction of a playground at the Fifaliana school. Touched by the mission of the organization and by the school, Give a Hand wishes to develop a new partnership to improve the services offered to the children of Fifaliana school.

Scolarisation Madagascar

Founded in 2016, Scolarisation Madagascar is a French non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the education and nutrition of children from disadvantaged Malagasy families. For the organization, it is essential that every child has a real chance at personal development, including the opportunity to have quality education and nutritious meals.

"A school but much more. Fifaliana wants to be a place of life and learning for everyone." Raymond Arbona - founder

Scolarisation Madagascar

After a career as a social worker as a specialized educator and social worker, Raymond, originally from the Annecy region, devotes his retirement to helping the most disadvantaged. With a long experience in associations, with the creation of several associations for Madagascar in the Rhône-Alpes region (Lyon, Annecy...) or the presidency of the Restos du Coeur de Haute-Savoie, Raymond is the president -founder of Schooling Madagascar. He now spends 10 months a year in the field, in Madagascar, to direct the actions of his association. He returns two months a year to France to liaise with the members of the association and to hold the annual General Assembly.

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