Mwilu — Zambia

Hope for the future in Mwilu, Zambia

Production and skills development for food security

Beneficiaries — 300 women

Through a production and skills development program related to food security for the village of Mwilu, the Butterfly Tree Charity aims at providing for 300 women the opportunity to gain financial and food autonomy. By creating small food production units to supply, hotels, lodges and shops with vegetables, chickens, eggs and ground maize, this project will give the women participants an alternative source of sustainable income.  

The support of Monde par la Main/ Give a Hand to this project will enable the 300 women from Mwilu, Zambia to develop new skills related to food transformation and provide access to nutritious and locally grown goods. This program will serve to alleviate poverty in the region.

Partnership Give a Hand and The Butterfly Tree Charity
The partnership between The Butterfly Tree Charity and Monde par la Main/ Give a Hand was established in 2016 after a first project together aiming to provide textbooks for children so they can participate adequately at the Education Ministry tests. We quickly acknowledged the great work led by Mrs. Jane Kaye-Bailey in the field in Zambia and wished to continue our partnership with them. We are proud to support The Butterfly Tree Charity in Zambia; these projects genuinely change the lives of thousands in these regions that are often heavily affected by famine and drought.

The Butterfly Tree Charity is improving education in many rural areas. By doing so, it has a major impact on health and economic future for women.

— Jane Kaye Bailey- Director- Founder

Butterfly Tree Charity

The Butterfly Tree Charity organization was founded in 2006 by Mrs. Jane Kaye Bailey in order to provide support to the many orphaned children living in the rural areas of Zambia where thousands of people were decimated by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The organization implements water sanitation programs, feeding programs, infrastructure improvements, healthcare and education programs as well as women empowerment programs.

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