Q'ochomoquo — Peru

Food Security and Empowerment for the Q’eros Women

Construction of greenhouses, organic farming, and medicinal plants training

Beneficiaries — 680 women

For the first time in this region of the High Andes, fruit and vegetables will be grown in the greenhouses, which will also contribute to food security in six surrounding villages and improved nutrition for 136 families or 680 people. The pandemic in 2020 and the confinement of villages without access to basic commodities for months on end have taken a heavy toll on Q’eros communities.

The production of medicinal plants will allow the women to generate an income other than that linked to traditional weaving. They will be trained in the management of small businesses and in the production and use of medicinal plants.

Thanks for the support of Give a Hand, this program will provide support for the construction of the greenhouses and their maintenance, plants and seeds, technical and vocational training of women and people in charge of the greenhouses and distribution of products.

Partnership Give a Hand and Willka Yachay
Since 2014, Give a Hand has partnered with Willka Yachay on several projects and programs for the Q’eros communities in the High Andes.  This fantastic organisation led by Hannah Rae Porst has been accompanying the Q’eros communities of the Peruvian High Andes in their sustainable development and their vitalization of their cultural identity. Their respectful approach to the sacred and the spiritual of these communities are elements of great importance for us and we feel privileged to contribute to their communities.

Only by knowing their history and their rights will the Q’eros people be able to build their lives and avoid exploitation. For the Q'eros community, you plant a seed, you wait until the harvest. You have faith. your patient and you make sure to lead with the heart for the benefit of Mother Earth.

— Hannah Rae Porst, director- founder

Willka Yachay

Willka Yachay's innovative projects since 2010, allow to value ancestral knowledge and to associate it with modern technologies. Whether it is in the field of education, women's and children's health and basic infrastructures, solar energy, or the preservation of indigenous culture, all actions are carried out under the leadership of the community.

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