Bokoi-Koiria — Mali

Education, a key for the future

School rehabilitation program and material support for Bokoi-Koira’s school

Area — Special projects

Beneficiaries — 120 children

The rehabilitation of the severely degraded school in the village of Bokoi-Koiria near Timbuktu in Mali, will give about 120 children the opportunity to have well-equipped and furnished classrooms. A basic nutrition program will also be set up, as well as a literacy program for the mothers of these children. Caravan to Class will ensure the payment of teachers’ salaries, school supplies and uniforms for all children in the school.

Thanks to the support of Give a Hand, about 120 children from Bokoi-Koiria near Timbuktu in Mali, will be able to return to school in safe and healthy conditions. Mothers as well as some women in this community will also benefit from the new school by participating in an adapted literacy program

Partnership Give a Hand and Caravan to Class, Bokoi-Koiria, Mali

Following a trip to Mali to fulfill one of his childhood dreams, Barry Hoffner is deeply affected by poverty and the lack of school infrastructure. He starts his own organisation in 2010 and focuses on building or rehabilitating schools in the Timbuktu region. We are therefore pleased to be able to contribute with Caravan to Class to this first partnership that offers hope and access to education for the entire community of Bokoi-Koiria.

Imagine a world ... in which no matter where a child lives, the fundamental right to education would be guaranteed.

— Mr. Barry Hoffner- Founder- Director

Caravan to Class

Caravan to Class was born out of a childhood dream of its founder, Barry Hoffner, to discover Mali. On his first trip, he was struck by the lack of infrastructure and the number of children without access to school. During his trip, he pledged to support the small village of Tedeini in order to rebuild the school. Since then, the organisation has built or rehabilitated more than 14 schools around Timbuktu, providing access to a multitude of children. Since then, new programs have been put in place, allowing mothers to also have an adapted literacy program.

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