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Developing leaders for tomorrow

Inspiring leadership program for young women in Barbados

Beneficiaries — 12

Through the Adopt a Girl — mentoring and support program set up by I Am a Girl Barbados, a series of activities and meetings helps reinforce the educational and psychosocial support of the young participants. The young girls selected for this program receive school supplies, books, uniforms, and breakfast, thus promoting better social inclusion. A series of workshops related to leadership, theatre, self-esteem, and sharing, contribute greatly to young girls’ empowerment.

Give a Hand’s support for this project will enable several young girls to benefit from the mentoring and awareness program related to body image issues, self-confidence, mental health, sexual harassment, human trafficking, and youth violence. I Am a Girl also wants to develop a strong community spirit that can support the development of a generation of young women leaders for Barbados.

Partnership Give a Hand and I Am a Girl Barbados

I Am a Girl Barbados, also known as “the community,” has been working since 2014 with the support of many Barbadians. The organisation was founded by Miss Alian Ollivierre. This creative and dynamic young entrepreneur saw the need for change for an entire generation of girls in Barbados. We are beginning this new partnership this year with I Am a Girl and we are confident of the impact of its programs on young women in the Caribbean.

I Am a Girl invites sharing, caring for others, allowing young women to take their place.

— Miss Alian Ollivierre

I Am a Girl

The organization I Am a Girl was born in 2014, out of Miss Alian Ollivierre’s passion and desire to get involved with young girls of her island, Barbados. She uses her professional skills to develop programs that inspire and empower teenage girls in the organization. Alian focuses on involvement, sharing and exchange to create positive change among young people. Theatre, art and other creative methods also serve different programs offered by I Am a Girl Barbados.

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