Cam Duc District — Vietnam

Art, music program and tutoring for youth

Building bright futures for the Vietnamese children

Area — Education

Beneficiaries — 100 children and teenagers

Rock Paper Scissors has been developing art and music programs, summer camps, tutoring for boys and girls, and donating bicycles for children to ride to school safely for several years. The project will continue and expand these existing programs. Summer camps and art and music classes require more materials as more and more children attend. Tutoring at school twice a week, provides support to girls and boys who need it and helps them stay motivated to learn and understand the importance of continuing their education. Finally, electric bikes will be distributed to youths so that they can commute to school.

Give a Hand and Rock Paper Scissors Partnership

 Give a Hand has been supporting Rock Paper Scissors for many years. We have seen this family organization grow and propose more and more structured projects to the youth. We are convinced of the importance of these actions for the children in rural areas of Vietnam.

Rock Paper Scissors

Established in November 2012, Rock Paper Scissors Children’s Fund was founded by Sara Stevens Nerone and her two daughters, Sophie and Phoebe Nerone, both adopted from Vietnam by Sara and her late husband, Chris. Its mission is to provide primarily to girls living in low-income communities in Vietnam, transportation and educational support through the Bicycle Program for girls, Tutoring Program for girls, and after-school and summer arts programs for boys and girls. Although Vietnam has gained wealth over the past decade and made gains in social programs, most of these improvements have occurred in the major cities and still remain outside the realm of the very poor. Yet, approximately 75% of the population lives in rural areas and continues to live in poverty

“We want to inspire students to love learning and encourage them not to drop out of school. » Sara Nerone, founding director

Rock Paper Scissors Children's Fund

The Rock-Paper-Scissors organisation is led by women at heart, Sara Nerone and her two daughters, Sophie, and Phoebe. A story that has been going on for many years and that allows hundreds and hundreds of Vietnamese children to go to school thanks to beautiful pink bicycles that are offered free of charge to the poorest girls in the regions of Khanh Hoa and Thua Thien Hue in Vietnam. Music and art programs are also offered to hundreds of children thanks to the tenacity and hard work of Sara, her daughters, and many volunteers each year.

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