Antsirabe — Madagascar

An organic garden for the autonomy of children and adults (Phase 3)

Food security and nutrition

Beneficiaries — 100 children and teenagers

During the first phase of the project, Grandir Ailleurs was able to buy agricultural land where they grow cereals and various vegetables for street children in the Centre d’Hébergement Temporaire (CHT). Children thus benefit from a healthy diet resulting from self-production. They also have weekly access to chicken or rabbit meat. The second phase of the project is the continuation of the organic farm. In addition to continuing existing activities, Grandir Ailleurs develops and empowers the project through the construction of an educational farm and the building of a fence and garage to secure crops and equipment. This way, the organization intends to guarantee the right to sufficient, healthy and nutritious food for street children, as well as reinforcing its food and financial autonomy in a context where the country is experiencing a monthly inflation rate of at least 6%.

Give a Hand and Grandir Ailleurs Partnership

This is our sixth project together and we are in awe of the work done in the field and the professionalism of the entire Grandir Ailleurs team! We have a relationship based on exchange and trust and we are convinced that their work is indispensable for street children in Madagascar who are very stigmatized in their country.

Grandir Ailleurs

Grandir Ailleurs was born from the passion and love of Jean Christophe Naal and his wife to help vulnerable children in Madagascar. Ensuring the rights of children to be fed, cared for, educated and have the right to leisure is fundamental for Jean-Christophe and his team. Daytime fun activities, a mobile aid team that conducts nightly patrols, a temporary shelter and social support are services that this team offers to children living in violence and discrimination.

"I would like to thank everyone, all those who are involved in this project. It is above all a collective success which was born thanks to the investment and the quality work of the people present.” Jean Christophe Naal

Founder and director of the Fédération Grandira, Mr. Jean Christophe Naal and his wife Sapho Naal, have observed that tourism can be a wonderful development tool for a series of projects aimed at defending the fundamental rights of street children in Madagascar. In 2007, began the very first field project in Antsirabe. This will be the beginning of this beautiful adventure, which has been going on for thirteen years. The organization Grandir Ailleurs is now supervised by Ms. Laurie Andriamanarivo, project coordinator based in Antsirabe.

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