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A new playground for Malagasy children

Construction of a playground for the children of the Fifaliana School

Area — Special projects

Beneficiaries — 160 children

Built by Scolarisation Madagascar in September 2021, the Fifaliana School welcomes 160 children from kindergarten to 4th grade (CM1). This free school is offered only to children from disadvantaged backgrounds who have never been to school or who have dropped out of school. In order to encourage open-mindedness to differences and to reduce taboos, 10% of the places are assigned to students with a disability. Each day, the children have access to a nutritious meal consisting of rice, vegetables and fresh fruits. In order to provide a quality school experience, Fifaliana School organizes a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports activities and gatherings, cultural activities, excursions, wellness and health activities, and practical and useful activities.

When the school was built, a large space was reserved for an outdoor courtyard to facilitate recreational activities. The creation of a playground in a school helps to create an environment that is conducive to the development and well-being of children in the school environment, as well as fostering social ties between young people. Thanks to the support of Give a Hand, Scolarisation Madagascar is starting the construction of a playground in the school yard. This play area will be composed of a two-stage shed, a climbing wall, slides, swings and spring-loaded seesaws.

Partnership between Give a Hand and Scolarisation Madagascar

Scolarisation Madagascar is a dynamic organization composed of volunteers in France and Madagascar who are passionate about social justice. For the organization, it is essential that every child has a real chance for personal development, especially through the possibility of having a quality education and nutritious meals. This is the first project of Give a Hand in partnership with Scolarisation Madagascar. Let’s hope that this project opens the doors to a long and fruitful collaboration.

Fighting child labor and preventing delinquency are the objectives of Scolarisation Madagascar. Enabling children from slums and the countryside to eat and go to school are crucial.

— Raymond Arbona- Founder and director

Scolarisation Madagascar

After a career as a social worker as a specialized educator and social worker, Raymond, originally from the Annecy region, devotes his retirement to helping the most disadvantaged. With a long experience in associations, with the creation of several associations for Madagascar in the Rhône-Alpes region (Lyon, Annecy...) or the presidency of the Restos du Coeur de Haute-Savoie, Raymond is the president -founder of Schooling Madagascar. He now spends 10 months a year in the field, in Madagascar, to direct the actions of his association. He returns two months a year to France to liaise with the members of the association and to hold the annual General Assembly.

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