Punjab — India

Social, emotional learning and social art based program (SEL)

Putting art at the center of social changes

Beneficiaries — 100 teachers- 3000 students

In India, 250 million children are not able to develop their social and emotional skills because it is not part of the school curriculum. This has a negative impact on the emotional and social stability of Indian youth. This is why Slam Out Loud has taken on the mission of developing “Creative Confidence” workshops in public schools in the Mohali district of Punjab. These workshops enable young participants to acquire communication skills, nurture their creativity, stimulate critical thinking, self-esteem, empathy and develop employability skills. The project developed with Slam Out Loud, trains a hundred teachers in themes such as communication, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, self-esteem and empathy, and then teaches the Creative Confidence workshops to more than 3000 young people.

A second component of the project is the continuation of the program already launched by the organization and supported by Give a Hand, the online festival “J’ai une voix” (I Have a Voice), a project of social inclusion and life learning through art. This festival will be implemented with the participation of more than 1800 young people around the world.

Give a Hand and Slam Out Loud Partnership

For a second year in a row, Give a Hand and Slam Out Loud have partnered on this project. The 2021 edition of the “I Have a Voice” festival was a success and the youth’s artistic achievements were even exhibited in New York. We are confident that the 2023 edition will be just as inspiring.

Slam Out Loud

Founded by Jigyasa Labroo and Gaurav Singh in 2018, Slam Out Loud helps young people create and share original art using technology-based classes that are interactive, free, and adaptable. Slam Out Loud also hosts regular community gatherings to give kids the opportunity to showcase their art and learning. So far in India, over 50,000 children, 950 villages and over 100 artists have been able to participate and benefit from this program.

“Trust the creation process and let art contribute to social changes” Jigyasa Labroo

Slam Out Loud

Slam out Loud is an organisation that uses art forms such as poetry, drama, storytelling, and visual arts to develop creative confidence skills among disadvantaged children in the slums of New Delhi and Mumbai. Over a five-year period, professional artists conduct a program of art techniques and their use in an academic context to awaken children. The same program is also used to train other teacher-facilitators who can then take Slam Out Loud programs to more schools across New Delhi and Mumbai. Ms. Jigyasa Labroo and her colleague Mr. Gaurav Singh are leading this innovative organisation.


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