Thailand, Laos, Myanmar

Power of prevention for migrants from Thailand, Laos and Myanmar

Awareness, prevention and assistance

Area — Special projects

Beneficiaries — 1000 beneficiaries of three organisations

Thailand is a source, destination and transit country for human trafficking from Southeast Asia. Chang Rai is a hotspot because of its proximity to Laos and Myanmar. There are large numbers of migrants in this region who are at very high risk of trafficking and commercial exploitation. The project offers sustainable solutions by working on reducing the impact of social, cultural, educational, geographic and linguistic isolation and mitigating the effects of economic and political injustice to reduce cases of trafficking and exploitation in agriculture, manufacturing, construction and commercial fishing, especially in areas of intense migration. The project expands the network of partner organizations to plan together for more effective cooperation and information sharing. It also aims to build the capacity of stakeholders on all the topics addressed by the organization. Ultimately, it facilitates gathering of young people around the awareness of human trafficking for their communities.

Thus, at least 1000 vulnerable people will be reached and sensitized and will be better equipped to prevent human trafficking.  

Give a Hand and The Freedom Story Partnership

Give a Hand has been working with The Freedom Story for several years. We have full confidence in their expertise developed over the years. The organization has done a lot of work to identify the causes that particularly increase the risk of human trafficking in order to address them: poverty, lack of awareness and education, and ethnic minority and stateless status.

 The Freedom Story Organization

The Freedom Story, founded in 2008 by Rachel Sparks and Tawee Donchai, aims to prevent child trafficking in Northern Thailand by providing scholarships and culturally relevant programs for vulnerable children, youth and their communities. Given the strong correlation between education rates and trafficking, The Freedom Story offers scholarships to vulnerable children. They also offer a mentoring program and resources to the student population and migrants in Chang Rai City and surrounding areas.

Without knowledge of rights, people are at risk of trafficking and exploitation because they can easily be taken advantage of.

President, Lucy McCray. "Without knowledge of rights, people are very at risk of trafficking and exploitation because they can easily be taken advantage of. By equipping people with knowledge and the capacity to advocate for their rights, they can protect themselves and their peers and prevent abuse and exploitation."

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