Mumbai — India

No to human and sexual trafficking in Mumbai

Skills and Educational support for teenagers

Area — Special projects

Beneficiaries — 65 girls and boys

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the many confinements that have deprived children of their basic right to attend school, this program will cover school fees and provide study kits and home-based educational support to 32 girls and 33 boys.

Workshops on personal skills development (self-awareness, health and hygiene, critical thinking, stress, and anger management, etc.) and life skills (opening a bank account or filing a complaint) will be offered to equip them to face the risks of human trafficking and to become agents of change in their communities.

Partnership Give a Hand and Mumbai Smiles
Give a Hand partnered with Mumbai Smiles in 2013, to initiate the Life Skills program for girls. This program was the first of a series that focuses on supporting at risk youth and children in communities where the organisation works. Give a Hand is thrilled to have supported over the years different programs and initiatives with Mumbai Smiles and we look forward in pursuing our partnership in years to come.

Mumbai Smiles is actively involved in the communities we serve, and we ensure full support for teenagers and children to counter sex and human trafficking.

— Jaume Sanllorente founder-director

Mumbai Smiles

Mumbai Smiles was born out of Jaume Sanllorente’ s passion and love for the poorest communities in Mumbai. Offering psychological support, therapy through art and music, and income-generating activities allows girls and women who are too often the target of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in India, to be accompanied, supported, and rehabilitated through the work of Mumbai Smiles.

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