Cuncani — Peru

Food Security and Greenhouses for the communities of Cuncani

Innovating for food security and improving food access for children in school and in the community

Beneficiaries — 50 women and their families

Fruit and vegetables were produced in a greenhouse at a low scale since a couple of years with the Cuncani teachers and mothers supporting the program. Nexos Comunitarios provided nutritious lunches to 100% of the children in kindergarten and multi-grade primary school. By 2015, not a single child in Cuncani was affected by anemia, which has long plagued children living in remote Andean villages due to single crop diets. This year, the organization wishes to implement at larger program.  This will involve the mothers, teachers, and children in making sure that the fruit and vegetable are cultivated in connection with spiritual beliefs, and with the right approach to creating the best organic garden produces. The pandemic in 2020 and the strict confinement without access to local markets for months have kept these communities in precarious situations.

Partnership Give a Hand and Nexos Comunitarios
The support of Monde par la Main/ Give a Hand to this project will provide Nexos Comunitarios the funding and support for their initiative that will be directly connected to the realities of these communities. The Nexos Comunitarios team have been working for years with the indigenous communities of the region of Cuncani, close to Urubamba-Cusco in Peru. We are thrilled to partner with them in developing this initiative.

Nexos Comunitarios is committed to reducing poverty in isolated communities within Peru, this with the conviction of making a difference.

— Mariecarmen Valdivieso

Nexos Comunitarios

Mariecarmen Valdivieso is the founder- general director of Nexos Comunitarios. Since 2013, the organisation has gained much experience working with the community members in developing adapted programs to the needs and realities encountered in that region. “Working hand in hand with our local partners is the most important thing and our ultimate goal.” says Mariecarmen.

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