Mukuni — Zambia

Food and financial security for marginalized youth with a disability or HIV in Zambia

Area — Education

Beneficiaries — 70 youths

Founded in 2006, The Butterfly Tree Charity supports orphans, rural populations
and communities in Zambia decimated by the HIV pandemic. Its main programs
are the provision of clean drinking water, food security, improved health and
education facilities and an orphan support program. The organization is run
entirely by experienced staff and is a long-term partner of Give a Hand.

As in many African countries, there is little support in Zambia for people with
physical disabilities, mental health problems or HIV, particularly in rural areas.
Unfortunately, there is still a great deal of stigma associated with disability and
HIV, and very few opportunities for social integration are available to these
marginalized populations.

This new project will ensure food security and income generation for disabled
young men and women with physical and mental health problems, and people
living with HIV in the villages of Mukuni, Ngandu and Kamwi in Zambia. The
project will set up small food production units to supply markets, hotels and
stores with chickens, vegetables and ground corn. In addition, 9 young people
(3 from each village) will be enrolled in skills development courses linked to the
Consequently, these stigmatized people will regain their autonomy and the
possibility of being socially integrated.

“Empowering marginalized youth in Zambia remains a priority for our organization to create a strong and engaged generation for the future”

— Jane Kaye Bailey, director

Butterfly Tree Charity

The Butterfly Tree Charity organization was founded in 2006 by Mrs. Jane Kaye Bailey in order to provide support to the many orphaned children living in the rural areas of Zambia where thousands of people were decimated by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The organization implements water sanitation programs, feeding programs, infrastructure improvements, healthcare and education programs as well as women empowerment programs.

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