Guatemala city — Guatemala

Economic and social development of Guatemalan women

Women’s economic empowerment phase 2

Beneficiaries — 200 women

This new program led by Creamos will build directly on the previous one supported by Give a Hand. Considering the prevalence of textile factories in the area, this program is designed to prepare participants for entry-level positions as formal seamstresses. The Peers Leaders will implement a curriculum developed by professional seamstresses who already work with the local textile industry. These leaders are supported by the Job Placement coordinator. Different workshops will also be conducted as to providing skills, financial literacy and tools most appropriate for these women entrepreneurs.

Partnership Give a Hand and Creamos
Creamos is a social enterprise founded in 2008, that is directly addressing the issues of extreme poverty, domestic violence, low self-esteem, and the increasing precariousness in this community. We are proud to support Creamos since 2017 through different projects empowering women in this community of Guatemala ciudad.

Creating opportunities for women living in the communities surrounding the Guatemala City Garbage Dump through an inclusive approach to lifelong financial, emotional and physical stability.

— Hannah Sklar-Director


Creamos is a social entrepreneurship organization aiming to offer opportunities to women living in the communities surrounding the Guatemala City garbage dump. The organization carry out its mission by putting the emphasis on three main themes: income generation, education, and psychosocial support for women.

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