Trancoso, State of Bahia — Brazil

An organic garden for training and empowerment of a community

Learning how to grow our own food

Beneficiaries — 95 women and children

Despertar offers an organic garden project in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil. Organic vegetables are grown and practical and theoretical trainings are conducted for children, youth and adults around the ‘environment’ theme through concepts such as permaculture, biodynamic culture, and waste management. Thanks to this project, the participating families will be able to be self-sufficient and thus benefit from good food security. The project works very well with a great involvement of mothers and children. The most committed participants will have access to additional training with a chef from a local restaurant- Uxua. A great opportunity for them to access the local job market such as restaurants, cafes, and the tourist environment of Trancoso.

Give a Hand and Associação Despertar Partnership

This is a second project with Associação Despertar. We are proud to share the same values as this human-sized organization and hope to help them transmit those values and the importance of sowing together this garden to provide access to healthier food.

Associação Despertar

Associação Despertar ‘s mission is to act in the local community of Trancoso, giving priority to individuals in a situation of social vulnerability in order to empower children, youth and adults and to allow social, educational, environmental and cultural integration. It aims to become a regional model in the areas of tourism and the environment, based on educational and cultural opportunities, in addition to contributing to the construction of a more equitable community.

"Our main objective is the awakening of curiosity and creativity and integral human development through this community garden project." Kelly Paduin, Founder-Director

Kelly Paduin is the creator and founder of Associação Despertar Trancoso. When she realized years ago the context of disordered growth in Tourism in Trancoso and the lack of qualified labor and opportunities for the local community she then decided to launch her own organisation. With a degree in Tourism and a postgraduate degree in Management of Tourism Companies, she nourished her dream of helping others based on the knowledge she had acquired in the area of ​​Tourism and joined a group of friends to start several free workshops for children and young people from vulnerable communities de Trancoso, offering professional courses, language classes , arts and general culture programs.

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