Kabale — Uganda

A better school and training for Ugandan children with disabilities

Area — Education

Beneficiaries — 100 children and teenagers

Edirisa was founded in 2005 by Mrs Sheila Windridge in the Kabale region of south-western Uganda. Its main programs are the provision of drinking water, education and economic development for women. The organization is a long-
standing partner of Give a Hand, who supports Edirisa’s intervention on the ground in economic and skills development projects for numerous women’s groups in this region.

As in many African countries, there is little support in Uganda for young people
with physical disabilities, particularly in rural areas. Unfortunately, there is still a
lot of stigma associated with disability, and Edirisa offers access to school with a
program enabling young people to learn and develop skills in the Kabale region.

This new project with Edirisa will ensure that young people with physical and
mental health problems have access to courses adapted for them in carpentry,
cooking, sewing and IT. The project will also enable teachers to be trained in new
technologies and approaches to better support the young students. The
renovation of classrooms and teachers’ living areas, the purchase of new furniture
and adapted teaching materials will not only benefit the young people, but will
also contribute to their better integration into the Kitanga school in Kabale.

"SNEC is a very special establishment catering for a wide range of children and some adults with very individual needs"

— Sheila Windridge, director

Edirisa UK

Sheila Windridge founded Edirisa UK in 2005 with a desire to help the community around Lake Bunyonyi. Since then they have been delivering life-changing projects and grown to encompass diverse community development initiatives spanning education, clean water, health care and ethnic crafts. A key focus is sustainability and income generation.


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